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Rocky Top Cue Sheet


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Rocky Top  by Terry Gibbs                                                                                 Easy
Choreography by Jo Ann Gibbs, Possum Trot Cloggers
No. Times           Intro:   Wait 16 beats, start on left foot
Part A
2        Slapbacks    DT(b)   S(ib)   DT(b)   S(ib)   DT(b) S(ib)    DS    R   S          Repeat
                                 L         L         R          R         L         L          R     L    R
1        Vine Slur      DS   Slur/Step   DS   BR/SL (turn ¼ right on 1st DS, ½ left on BR/SL)
                                L      R     R       L      R    L
                                DS   Slur/Step   DS   BR/SL (turn ½ right on BR/SL)
                                 R      L      L      R      L    R
                                DS    Slur/Step DS   BR/SL (turn ½ left on BR/SL)
                                 L      R       R      L      R   L
                                DS   Slur/Step DS   BR/SL (turn ¼ to right on BR/SL)
                                   R    L      L      R      L     R
4       Rocky Top     DS R/S     DS R/S      DS   DT(b) (pivot ¼ right)  S (kick) 
                                  L   R L       R   LR          L    R                                  R    L   
                                Repeat to all four walls  
Part B
2       Push Offs        DS     R/S    R/S     R/S   (moving to the left, then repeat to the right)
                                   L      R L    RL      RL
4       Stomp & Kick   Stomp Kick (clap hands on the kicks)   Repeat 3 more times
                                       L         R
                                    Repeat push offs and stomp kicks, same footwork
4      Basics                 DS    R/S   (circling to the left 360 degrees)
                                     L      R L
1      Triple Stomp      DS    DS    DS   Stomp Stomp    (moving forward)
                                     L       R      L       R          L
1      Triple Basic         DS    DS    DS     R/S   (moving backwards)
                                      R       L      R       L R
2      Vine Slurs             DS    Slur/S     DS      BR/SL (moving left, then right)
                                        L      R    R      L        R L    
                                       Repeat the Bridge
Sequence: A/ B/ Bridge/ A/ B/ B/ Bridge